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Voter Resources

There's never been a more critical time to make sure your voice is heard.

Check your registration information or register to vote.
Find your precinct and polling place.
Learn about early voting and vote-by-mail options.
Get out and vote!

Curious about where the candidates stand on things, where to vote, how to vote, etc.?
Check out this great resource from the North Carolina Democratic Party!

"America is advanced citizenship.

You've gotta' want it bad."

The American President 

Voting is as Easy as 1 - 2 - 3 

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Find Your Precinct & Polling Place

Find Your Precinct & Polling Place

Use our quick-search tool to determine your voting precinct and polling place, then get ready to roll to the polls!


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Register to Vote

Register to Vote

The voter registration deadline in North Carolina is 25 days before an election. You can always register to vote during early voting.

Visit the NC Board of Elections site to learn more.


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Head to the Polls

Get Out & Vote

You've got plenty of options on election day!


Additional Resources

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Verify Your Registration

Verify Your Registration

Don't take your registration for granted! Any number of clerical or other errors could result in your registration being purged by mistake.

Double-check your registration before hitting the polls.

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Contact Your

Contact Your Congressperson

Representative government is the bedrock of our democracy. Staying in touch with your congressperson can help local voices cut through the Beltway bluster.

"The vote is precious. It's almost sacred,

so get out there and vote like you never voted before."

Rep. John Lewis

Absentee & Mail-In Voting

Any North Carolina registered voter may request, receive, and vote a mail-in absentee ballot. No special circumstance or reason is needed. Registered voters in North Carolina must request an absentee ballot with an official N.C. Absentee Ballot Request Form.


Track your absentee-by-mail ballot through the mail: Once you have requested your absentee ballot, you can track its status from printed to accepted by signing up online for status notifications through BallotTrax. 


The State Board encourages voters to request their absentee ballot as early as possible to ensure enough time to complete and return the ballot. Learn about absentee-by-mail voting at Vote By Mail.

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