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Our Platform

Our platform is inspired by the Four Freedoms as defined by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt:

Freedom of Speech; Freedom of Worship; Freedom from Want; and Freedom from Fear. 

We believe diversity is our strength.  It doesn't matter where you came from;

we pledge allegiance to the same flag and country.  

We cherish the same constitution.  We embrace democracy and our enduring republic.
We want to deliver an improved system of governance;

one that focuses on you and the issues you care about most.  


Our candidates will work on behalf of all the people to put forth policies that will improve lives

and create an economy that lifts everyone regardless of age, race, gender, religion, creed, affiliation or identity.

"The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little."

Pres. Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Freedom of Speech

George Washington, our first president, stated:  “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” 

In 1941, Freedom of Speech was defined as a principle that supports the freedom of an individual or community to articulate one's opinions and ideas without fear of retaliation, censorship, or sanction.  “Everyone shall have the right to hold opinions without interference" and "everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds.” 
In today’s world, attacks on the free press and calling reputable news outlets and reporters “enemies of the people” is a direct assault on free speech.  Litigation against people who exercise their freedom of speech is a form of repression and a blatant attempt to silence dissent.  Extreme gerrymandering used to dilute the voice of The People is suppressing the real strength of the opposition’s voice.

Hate speech is not protected by free speech.
“Freedom in a free society is freedom for all.  We are not free to prevent others from being free.  Hate speech can affect those who are the repeated objects of hate with a crippling toxic stress, a sense of distrust and fear that can keep those hated from living full and free lives.  Mass-market hate stands resolutely in the path of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all Americans.”  ~ George Lakoff
The Democratic Party values:

  • The voice of every citizen  

  • The right of citizens to chart their own path

  • One person, one vote and all votes being equal

  • A guarantee of civil rights and individual liberty

  • The right of people to publicly assemble nonviolently

  • The right of every citizen to be heard regardless of their wealth or power  

The Democratic Party supports policies that reflect those values:

  • Protect and improve voting infrastructure

  • Reform our current campaign finance system – we support public funding for elections

  • End Citizens United, which allows unregulated and hidden sources to contribute massive amounts of money to affect not only federal elections but local elections as well

  • End gerrymandering. We will vigorously support independent commissions to draw fair voting maps

Freedom of Worship

John Irving, an American Novelist, wrote:  “It’s long been a point of mine that freedom of religion which the country alleges to support works two ways.  We’re not only free to practice the religion of our choice; we should be free from having someone else’s religion practiced on us!” 

In 1941, Freedom of Religion was defined as a principle that supports the freedom of an individual, in public or private, to manifest religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.  It also includes the freedom to change one’s religion or belief.

In today’s world, some would have us write into law the beliefs they hold based on the theocratic teaching of their church.

We are a nation of over 300 million strong coming from many places bringing a wealth of religious history.  Whether Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist or other religion, we all have a right to practice our beliefs without fear of oppression or laws stipulating one religion is above another.
The Democratic Party values:


  • The right of every individual to practice the religion of their choice or none at all

The Democratic Party supports policies that reflect those values:                 

  • Our government shall not profile any one religious organization

  • No person shall be denied the full participation in this democracy because of their religion

  • Religious beliefs shall not be used as a tool to discriminate, demean or degrade people

  • No person shall be coerced to support any religion not of his or her choice

  • No person, because of his or her religious beliefs, shall be given special treatment

  • No person shall suffer on account of his or her religious opinion or belief

  • No governing body will enforce any religious beliefs upon The People

Image by Ismael Paramo
Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Worshp

Freedom from Want

Franklin D. Roosevelt, our 32nd President of the United States, stated so eloquently:  “The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.”
In 1941, Freedom from Want stated everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and his family, including food, clothing, housing, medical care and necessary social services.  This includes the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.

In today’s world, we would update the statements to read “his or her” to reflect the broader variety of households today.
We return focus to this freedom because economic mobility has been destroyed, because wealth inequality has soared and because lifting oneself out of poverty is all but impossible. Social mobility, once a hallmark of the American Dream, is now difficult if not impossible.
The Democratic Party values:

  • Public education as the foundation in the fight against poverty and the reduction of hunger and hopelessness that lead to crime 

  • Universal healthcare.  No one should go bankrupt because of an unforeseen accident or illness

  • The right of every individual to live and retire with dignity

  • Protection of people from the abuses of power and greed

  • The value of every individual equally and a framework that promotes financial mobility

  • Veterans, with actions not just words.  Those who give so much in service to their country should not return home to inadequate food, clothing, shelter or slow, delayed or unattainable healthcare.  


The Democratic Party supports policies that reflect those values:


  • Protect and expand the current social security safety net

  • Protect workers’ rights, minority rights and women’s rights

  • Create an environment where small business can not only survive but thrive

  • Set the minimum wage equal to a living wage

  • Investment policies that require everyone to pay their fair share

  • Prioritize investments that will go to building or rebuilding:

  • the protection of our people         

  • a world class public education system

  • a 21st century infrastructure

  • communities left behind

  • an economy of innovation based on science, research and clean energy

  • protection of our planet from climate change and toxic business practices that threaten our natural resources, the air we breathe and the water we drink

  • The right of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning individuals to have equal access to housing, adoption, marriage and parental rights.

  • The right of people with disabilities to access education, jobs, transportation and public facilities

Freedom from Want

Freedom from Fear

Dwight D. Eisenhower, our 34th President of the United States warned: “This world of ours must avoid becoming a community of dreadful fear and hate…”

In 1941, the Freedom from Fear, referred to a worldwide reduction of armaments to such a point and in such a thorough fashion that no nation will be in a position to commit an act of physical aggression against any neighbor-anywhere in the world.

In today’s world, it still applies to countries but we must also include fear at home.  No one should be afraid to walk outside their home, send their children to school, go to their job, attend a house of worship or be subjected to abuse of power.  Fear has no place between countries, no place between a government and its people and no place between people.

The Democratic Party values:

  • An impartial judiciary

  • An end to systemic racism and the long overdue real desegregation of America

  • A society in which no one is subjected to bondage, slavery or other condition against their will

  • A genuine immigration reform that protects all people seeking the American dream  

The Democratic Party supports policies that reflect those values:                 

  • Protection against domestic and foreign terrorism

  • Domestic and Foreign policy based on mutual respect and cooperation

  • A criminal justice system that includes access to an attorney and a speedy trial

  • Alternatives to mandatory sentencing in the never-ending war on drugs

  • The decriminalization of medical and recreational marijuana

  • Access to treatment for mental health, opioid and drug addiction

  • Maximum punishment for human trafficking

  • Balancing the right to bear arms with reasonable public safeguards that prevent the endless cycle of gun violence

  • The workplace, our schools and government will be proactive in identifying and routing out violence against women, children, the elderly, and other vulnerable people.

Image by Motoki Tonn

"Fear never builds the future,

but hope does."

Pres. Joe Biden

Freedom from Fear
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