Veterans, Armed Forces and Their Families

We stand in support of protecting our nation and State.  We recognize that freedom does not come without a price, and many members of the Armed Forces - our active duty, reservists and National Guard - from this great State have made the ultimate sacrifice.  We hereby reaffirm our longtime commitment to our sons and daughters who are serving honorably in the Armed Forces at this time, those veterans whose service has made this nation and our State an example of democracy for others throughout the world, and their families.

MILITARY INSTALLATIONS:  We recognize that North Carolina plays an essential role in the defense of our nation because our State contains some of the largest and most crucial military installations necessary for protecting our national security.  The presence of these installations is a source of great pride and is vital to the economic prosperity of the communities in which they are located.  We support efforts to keep North Carolina installations operational
for the benefit of our nation and communities.


BENEFITS:  We believe it is important to support members of our Armed Forces during times of conflict, natural disaster and beyond.

We support sustaining existing benefits - including educational assistance, health care, housing, small business, burial and other benefits offered to members of the Armed Forces, veterans and their families.  We also support improving combat-related trauma centers, expanding medical and prosthetic research, and implementing sound procedures for expediting the processing of
benefits claims.  Furthermore, we support providing adequate services to Veterans including, but not limited to civilian transition services, Veteran’s Courts, job training and in-state tuition.


COLLABORATION AND RESPONSIBILITY:  We encourage collaboration between members of the Armed Forces and first responders in the preparedness and response to any attacks or natural disasters.  We also encourage responsible procurement practices within the defense community.

FAMILY SUPPORT:  We support efforts to care for families of the Armed Forces - especially while members are deployed, and to assist them when they return. We support programs such as counseling, financial management, and basic needs assistance that help families of deployed service members in managing difficulties created by longer and more frequent deployments.

MILITARY FORCE:  We support a strong national defense that supplements - but does not replace - diplomacy as a means to advance international peace and economic prosperity.  We believe that military force should be used only as a last resort.  We support the recruitment and retention of highly skilled, motivated and trained members of the Armed Forces.  We support the
maintenance and readiness of the necessary force strength to respond successfully to any attacks or natural disasters.  Moreover, we believe that we must strengthen our alliances across the globe to ensure that we can handle national security challenges stemming from ISIS and global terrorism, climate change, and cyber warfare.


RESOURCES: We support the acquisition of necessary resources - including protective equipment and weapons - for members of the Armed Forces essential for protecting their safety while performing their duty.

RIGHTS AND LIBERTIES:  We support protecting the civil rights of all members of the Armed Forces, including allowing women to serve in combat roles or service members being able to serve openly as LGBT.  We also support the laws of armed conflict and the humane treatment of all detainees, war criminals and prisoners of war.  We affirm efforts to defend our nation and State against terrorism, both foreign and domestic, and ensure that national security can
and should be undertaken while preserving the civil rights and liberties of North Carolina residents.  We support the enforcement of the Uniformed Services Employment, Reemployment Rights Act, ensuring that activated Reservists, and National Guard can resume their jobs upon return.

Join the CCDP Veteran's Committee

As a part of our ongoing commitment to veterans and those presently in service to our country, the Cabarrus County Democratic Party has formed our Veteran's Committee, which is made up entirely of those who have served. 

This committee is charged with guiding the CCDP in all matters related to Veterans and the men and women presently serving in America's Armed Forces and Reserves.

The Cabarrus County Democratic Party humbly thanks you for your service, and we hope that you'll join us.

"We hereby reaffirm our longtime commitment to our sons and daughters who are serving honorably in the Armed Forces at this time, those veterans whose service has made this nation and our State an example of democracy for others throughout the world..."