*Underlined precincts are linked to their Facebook page, the rest are coming soon


Use these precinct tools to find your polling place and help organize new ones.

01-02 Flowes Store Fire Station
01-04 Hickory Ridge Middle School Cafeteria
01-07 Harrisburg Elementary School Cafeteria
01-08 Rocky River Elementary School Cafeteria 
01-10 Harrisburg Town Hall
01-11 Providence Baptist Church
02-01 Elevation Church-new location
02-02 Furr Elementary School Cafeteria
02-03 Jay Robinson High School Gym
02-05 Weddington Hills Elementary School 
02-06 Winecoff Elementary School
02-07 Cannon School
02-08 Odell Elementary School
02-09 Cox Mill Elementary School 
03-00 Gilwood Presbyterian Church
04-01 Royal Oaks Elementary School
04-03 New Hope Lutheran Church
04-08 Northwest Cabarrus High School Band Rm
04-09 Covenant Presbyterian Church
04-11 Kannapolis YMCA
04-12 Second Presbyterian Church
04-13 Cabarrus Shrine Club
05-00 Concord Middle School
06-00 Cross of Christ Lutheran Church-new location
07-00 Northeast Fire Station
08-00 Mt. Pleasant High School Aux Gym
09-00 Georgeville Fire Station
10-00 Bethel Elementary School Cafeteria
11-01 Kerr Memorial Baptist Church
11-02 Center United Methodist Church
12-03 All Saints Episcopal Church
12-04 Concord High School Aux Gym 
12-05 Cabarrus Senior Center
12-08 Hartsell Recreation Center
12-09 Wolf Meadow Elementary 
12-11 Epworth United Methodist Church
12-12 Central Cabarrus High School Cafeteria
12-13 First Missionary Baptist Church-Gateway Worship Center
12-14 St. James Catholic Church



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