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GOP Naughty List: NC Republicans Who Support Hateful Anti-LGBTQ Rhetoric

As North Carolinians across the state light candles and deck the halls, they will spend this festive season spreading cheer to others during this time of giving, community, and joy. However, some GOP Grinches have lost sight of the reason for the season and have landed on the 2021 GOP Naughty List for their failure to condemn hate and bigotry:

  • Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson

  • Representative Tim Moore

  • Senator Phil Berger

  • Representative Larry Yarborough

  • Senator Paul Newton

  • Representative Diane Wheatley

  • Senator Michael Lee

  • Representative John Bradford

  • Senator Lisa Barnes

  • Representative Jon Hardister

Robinson has said he is “95 percent sure” he will run for governor in 2024 and is widely considered the GOP favorite to win the Republican primary if he does, despite running on a platform of hate that could cost our state billions of dollars.

North Carolina Republicans have failed to stand up to his harmful rhetoric, worrying GOP consultants who have admitted that “to win in North Carolina, the numbers show you cannot have an anti-LGBTQ platform.”

When the discriminatory House Bill 2 was passed under failed Republican Governor and current candidate for United States Senate, Pat McCrory – business leaders fled North Carolina. PayPal cancelled a $3.5 million global operations center that would have employed 400 people, film production moved away, and the NCAA boycotted the state, among other lost opportunities that damaged North Carolina’s reputation and cost jobs.

“Under Governor Cooper’s leadership HB2 was repealed and North Carolina has been able to attract impressive new businesses like Toyota and Apple Inc. who said that the repeal was ‘important in their decision making’,’” said NCDP Spokesperson Rachel Stein.

“Yet, the Republican Party’s embrace of hateful anti-LGBTQ rhetoric sets our state back and risks losing out on thousands of good-paying jobs. Republicans need to condemn Robinson’s remarks and send a message that North Carolina is a place where all people are welcome, valued, and accepted.”

Copy Courtesy: North Carolina Democratic Party

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