7, April 2017

Kannapolis, NC - Democrats from around the county – and over one hundred Party Delegates – gathered today at City Hall to elect new Party Officials and cast ballots for other positions, including State Executive Committee members.

The Nominating Committee submitted the slate of candidates and then opened the floor for additional nominations.  After tallying votes from the Party Delegates in attendance, the following Board of Officers was announced: Dawn Larma, Chair; Andrew McDowell, 1st Vice Chair; Mary Campbell, 2nd Vice Chair; Erik Olson, 3rd Vice Chair; Evelyn Miller, Secretary; and Kent Estep, Treasurer.

The State Executive Committee (SEC) is the governing body for the North Carolina Democratic Party.  Each county has a number of representatives, with a total of about 600 people making up the Committee.  Members meet throughout the year in Raleigh to debate and amend the Party Plan Of Organization, which are the rules which govern the state Party.  The SEC also debates and amends any resolutions put forth and, at the end of every two years, elect the Party Officers for the NCDP, including the State Chair.

The new SEC members are: Jim Amendum; John Clark; Barbara Hussey; Ann Kiser; Dawn Larma; Darek McCullers; Catherine Miller; and Thierry Wernaers.

Kannapolis New City Hall