Labor and Employment


The North Carolina Democratic Party is the party of North Carolina's working people.


We understand that meaningful employment at a living wage is critical to the personal security and self-esteem of the people of our State.  We believe that economic growth is fully consistent with fair employment practices, fair wages, and a safe, clean, and healthy work place. To that end, we support the rights of public and private workers to engage in collective bargaining.

We are confident that investments in the training and retraining of workers in view of our changing State, national, and world economies bring about a high level of economic growth.

CHILD CARE: The changing nature of our workforce has had a profound impact upon our families.  We believe that employment should promote, enhance, and nurture stable and healthy family relationships instead of harming them.  We support development of incentives for private employers to provide high quality childcare services.  We also support development of incentives for, and the removal of obstacles to, alternative work opportunities such as part-time, shared-time, and flexible-time work schedules.

EQUALITY IN THE WORKPLACE: We support equal access to employment opportunities for women and men of all working ages and are committed to equal pay for equal work.  As Democrats, we believe that our state’s government should ensure that wages of workers should not be stolen by their employers.  We believe the Department of Labor should be a partner in these endeavors and that we can only achieve such proactive measures with a
Democratic Commissioner of Labor.

FAMILY AND MEDICAL LEAVE:  One of the first bills signed by President Bill Clinton was the Family and Medical Leave Act; however, this legislation does not require employers to pay employees who take family or medical leave. As Democrats, we believe that employees should be guaranteed up to 12 weeks of
paid family medical leave and that it be paid for by the wealthiest Americans paying their fair share, rather than raising taxes on working families or burdening small businesses.

JOB SAFETY / ILLNESS AND INJURY:  We demand strict enforcement of workplace safety standards and the routine inspection of North Carolina workplaces in order to ensure adequate protection for all workers.  We support just compensation and adequate care for the victims of occupational diseases and work-related injuries.  We particularly support efforts to reduce and eliminate the risk of long-term injury resulting from repetitive job-related activities.  The Department of Labor should be an advocate for legislation that
promotes safety in the workplace.


Safety is a vital component of a productive, profitable workplace.

JOB TRAINING: We strongly support the expansion of apprenticeship and on-the-job training programs to help our young people and displaced workers to develop marketable job skills.  We believe that special care should be taken to expand job opportunities for the disabled.  We believe the Commissioner of
Labor should advocate for job training and use official resources to achieve such.

LIVING WAGE: We support a living wage to ensure that all workers (including tipped employees) can adequately provide for their own wellbeing and that of their families.

MIGRANT WORKERS: We support sanitary living conditions, adequate health care, educational opportunities, and safe working conditions for migrant workers and their families.  All workers in North Carolina, regardless of immigration status, have the right to a living wage, timely payment for services, and safe working and housing conditions.

NON-DISCRIMINATORY EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES: We support access to employment without discrimination of any kind, including efforts to “ban the box” so that job applicants have a chance at employment opportunities to provide for themselves and their families. We support vigorous enforcement of existing anti-discrimination laws to ensure that all persons have access to good
jobs at fair wages and benefits.

RIGHT-TO-KNOW LAWS:  We believe that workers have a right to know whether they are at risk of exposure to hazardous materials and to the steps that they can take to protect themselves from harmful contact with such substances.

"...economic growth is fully consistent with fair employment practices, fair wages, and a safe, clean, and healthy work place."