Safe, decent, and affordable housing for all persons is essential to the future of our communities and families.


As Democrats, we believe that local governments should have local control over
housing policy, including being able to enact mandatory inclusionary zoning ordinances and mandating of affordable housing in their communities. We deplore the conditions that lead to homelessness, and we encourage the renovation, preservation, and expansion of existing housing for persons with low incomes.

We believe in equal housing opportunities for all North Carolinians.

We support policies that encourage affordable mortgage credit to make home ownership possible for more working families.  We also support the expansion of incentives for first-time homebuyers.  We believe public housing should provide a safety net for our poorest and most vulnerable families.  


North Carolina Democrats believe in providing resources for special need populations - including farm workers, transitional housing for the homeless and incarcerated, HIV/AIDS populations, victims of domestic violence, homeless
veterans, and those that are mentally or physically challenged and
the elderly.


We support aging in place initiatives.

"...affordable housing for all persons is essential to the future of our communities."