Health and Human Services


We recognize that every person is entitled to basic health care, regardless of income or geographic location.

BEHAVIORAL HEALTH CARE:  We support a mental health system that provides access to appropriate treatment for mental, behavioral, developmental disabilities, and substance use disorders. Such a system must provide a comprehensive array of services that emphasizes community-based treatment offering equal access for those in need.


There should be equivalent insurance coverage for all physical and mental health disorders.

BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH:  We support the increasing leadership role of North Carolina’s biomedical researchers in exploring medical advances that will benefit all humanity.  Recognizing the critical role that stem cell research can play in addressing diabetes, various cancers, spinal cord injuries, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and many other afflictions, we encourage an increased level of support for stem cell research – including the introduction
of new stem cell lines – with appropriate ethical controls.


EDUCATION:  We support medically and factually comprehensive, age-appropriate educational programs in our schools and public health agencies and shall work to ensure educators are empowered and permitted to provide scientifically accurate information about safe sexual practices.

HEALTH CARE:  We recognize that health care decisions are best made within the context of the healthcare provider and the patient.  Thus, we believe that each person has the right to choose his or her own physician without interference from government or insurance companies.

We support the Affordable Care Act, one of the crowning achievements of President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party, which provides for near universal health insurance coverage.

We pledge to defend the Affordable Care Act and build upon it by making premiums more affordable, lessening out-of-pocket expenses for consumers, and pursuing a public health insurance option.  To expand health insurance coverage in North Carolina, we support expanding Medicaid so that struggling families and individuals can get the health care coverage they need. We also
believe in the need to crack down on rising prescription drug prices and eliminating the systemic monopolies that prevent Americans and local and state governments from negotiating drug prices to ensure that Americans can access critical prescriptions without financial burden.

PATIENTS’ RIGHTS:  We North Carolina Democrats authored and continue to support the Patients’ Bill of Rights, established to improve the relationship between patients, doctors and insurance companies.

healthcare delivery systems to allow the elderly and persons with disabilities to remain in a home setting as long as possible. We insist on their protection from abuse, neglect, and deprivation of their rights as persons. We applaud efforts to provide State supported health care to the poor and to uninsured and
underinsured persons.

WOMEN:  We believe that every woman should have access to prenatal and postnatal care and appropriate counseling, as well as access to information and counseling regarding all choices related to pregnancies.  We believe that a woman's decisions regarding pregnancy should be her own choice and not that of the government.


We believe that we should focus on preventing unintended pregnancies and reducing the need for abortion through increasing access to family planning services, access to affordable birth control – including emergency contraception – and by providing comprehensive age- appropriate sex education.

Furthermore, abortion must be safe, legal, accessible to all North Carolina women regardless of ability to pay; therefore, the State abortion fund should be fully funded and accessible to indigent women.

"...we should focus on preventing unintended pregnancies and reducing the need for abortion through increasing access to family planning services, access to affordable birth control."