Fair and Open Elections and a Strong Party


As the party of inclusion, we recommit ourselves to a North Carolina Democratic Party that is open to all people who dedicate themselves to the principles of the Democratic Party.  We believe the principles and goals of our party are more important than personalities or primary election disagreements.


We expect Democratic candidates and those who have been entrusted with
public or party office to set an example of loyalty to the party, to its principles, and to all of its nominees.  We encourage all Democrats to unite and support the entire ticket in the General Election.  We encourage Democrats to support North Carolina Democrats in every race - from local contests to both judicial elections and the top of the ticket.


We pledge to continue efforts to involve as many people as possible in Democratic Party affairs and in party decision-making, including significant outreach and inclusion of young people in order to both strengthen our party and guarantee its future.


We will increase efforts to encourage historically under-represented groups, such as women and minorities, to participate in the party affairs and to seek election to public and party office.

CAMPAIGN FINANCE:  We support tough campaign finance laws.  The North Carolina Democratic Party will continue to support measures to reduce the cost of campaigning for public office, including the gradual introduction of a public financing option.  Furthermore, we believe that corporations are an instrument of law and are not people as envisioned in the United States Constitution
and that money, and thus the influence of the corporations, is not equivalent to human free speech.


Since corporations can exist simultaneously in many nations and can have leadership by non-US citizens, we believe it to be unacceptable to allow foreign non-citizen entities the right and the power to influence the composition of the United States Government.  We strongly support the effort to amend the United States Constitution to reclaim our democracy and clearly state that individual citizens, not corporations, are entitled to constitutional rights.


We support the re-introduction of the income tax check-off fund as a way for the
people to have a direct influence on our state’s political system.


CAMPAIGNS:  We shall vigorously fight for what we believe.  Not inconsistent with that pledge is our promise to campaign honestly and fairly, with a focus on the issues of paramount concern to our communities, State, and nation.

JUDICIAL SELECTION:  We support a non-partisan judicial selection process that focuses on experience and qualifications, and enables qualified candidates for judicial positions to compete in a manner consistent with the Canons of Judicial Conduct.  We further support the reinstitution of public financing for judicial elections to prevent our courts from being sold to the highest bidder by special interest groups.  We oppose retention elections for judges.

REDISTRICTING:  We recognize that partisan gerrymandering has been a practice of both major parties in our state.  We support a remedy to this problem through the implementation of a nonpartisan, independent redistricting commission.  This commission would shift power from self-interested politicians, back to the people, and allow voters to choose their representatives, rather
than politicians choosing their voters.  Furthermore, we believe that local governments, including school boards, city councils, and boards of county commissioners should be able to fairly draw their own electoral districts without interference from the General Assembly.

VOTING RIGHTS: Voting rights are fundamental rights because they are protective of all other rights. We will work to fully protect and enforce the fundamental Constitutional right of every American to vote—to ensure that the Constitution’s promise is fully realized.

Due to the United States Supreme Court decision gutting key provisions of the Voting Rights Act, we support passing federal legislation that would fix the damage to this crucial Act.  We support fully funding the Help America Vote Act and work to fulfill the promise of election reform, including fighting to end long lines at voting booths and ensuring that all registration materials, voting
materials, polling places, and voting machines are truly accessible to seniors, Americans with disabilities, and citizens with limited English proficiency.


We will ensure that absentee ballots are accessible and accurately counted. We will vigorously enforce our existing voting rights laws instead of making them tools of partisan political agendas and we oppose discriminatory laws that require photo identification in order to vote or register to vote, shorten the
early voting period, or eliminate out of precinct voting.


We oppose tactics that purge eligible voters from voter rolls.  We are committed
to passing the Count Every Vote Act.  Finally, we will enact legislation that establishes harsh penalties for those who engage in voter intimidation and creates a process for providing accurate information to misinformed voters so they can cast their votes in time.

We will continue to advocate measures to make voter registration and voting easier and more accessible, particularly for students, seniors, the infirm, and those who are unable to register during business hours by establishing universal, automatic voter registration in North Carolina and across the country.


We support increased funding to educate voters about legal alternatives to
voting early instead of waiting until Election Day and to improve the speed and convenience of Election Day voting, including expanding the early voting period to twenty days with the inclusion of evening and Sunday voting.


Election officials shall immediately inform all individuals denied their ability to vote of their right to cast a provisional ballot.  We vigorously support efforts to ensure the right to vote for all citizens without discrimination or intimidation.

We also encourage efforts to increase the turnout of North Carolina's voting-age population.

We strongly support voting equipment, machines, mechanisms, and procedures that create and preserve an accurate, auditable paper documentation of all votes cast.

"We encourage Democrats to support North Carolina Democrats in every race - from local contests to both judicial elections and the top of the ticket."
"...partisan gerrymandering has been a practice of both major parties in our state.  We support a remedy to this problem through the implementation of a nonpartisan, independent redistricting commission."