We recommit ourselves to the wise stewardship and protection of our air, water, soil, forests, wetlands, watersheds, barrier islands, and ridgetops. We promote the research and implementation of alternative, sustainable, and renewable energy solutions. We believe that by preserving our natural resources, we are preserving our quality of life, our economic growth, and our health.  


The Democratic Party has consistently supported serious and effective
measures to protect our environment and natural resources.  We believe we can and must take steps to reduce global warming.  

AIR, SOIL AND WATER:  We support tax incentives and other benefits that encourage the use of alternative means of disposal of chemicals and waste by-products into the atmosphere, soil, and waters.  We oppose initiatives to dilute water and air quality safeguard standards, most especially in Republican initiatives with titles intended to mislead the public.  We believe in keeping public
ownership of the coastline, so it is available to every North Carolinian, and the preservation of working waterfront areas.

ALTERNATIVE FUELS:  To reduce fossil fuel dependency and to increase fuel efficiency standards, we urge cooperation in the private and public sectors to seek and develop alternative sources of energy.

CONSERVATION:  We call for conservation by our government, businesses, and citizens as a primary component of environmental responsibility.

FORESTS / WETLANDS:  We support logging and timber management techniques that foster reforestation. We oppose the practice of clear-cutting.

We support local land management that includes responsible control of surface water run-off, requires the proper treatment and disposal of wastewater, and minimizes the pressure exerted by increased population.  We support programs that will achieve the short-term goal of "no net loss" of wetlands - in both
acreage and function - and a longer-term goal of wetlands restoration.


We oppose the sale of State and national forests.

NUCLEAR POWER:  We urge constant vigilance to ensure the safety and security of existing nuclear power facilities and the development of efficient and safer means to dispose of nuclear and hazardous wastes.

that our coast is an outstanding natural resource that must be protected for future generations of North Carolinians.  We oppose any offshore exploration for oil or natural gas adjacent to this State.  We further recognize that our ground water is one of our most precious natural resources and that everyone has the right to clean water.  We therefore oppose any and all efforts to implement or expand the dangerous practice of fracking in our state.


PARKS:  We support the completion of the remaining land acquisition needed to implement the master plan for our State parks. We oppose the sale of State and national parks.  We also support accessible and affordable parks.

RECYCLING: We support mandatory local and regional recycling of paper, glass, metals, plastics and other reusable materials in order to reduce the need for landfills, which are costly to build and operate.  We support safe, alternative means of waste disposal.  We also support tax incentives and other benefits for industries that undertake and promote recycling efforts, with a goal toward zero

TOXIC AND HAZARDOUS WASTE:  We believe that any firm or organization - public or private - which uses or produces hazardous products must be held accountable for their safe and proper use and disposal.  We support strengthening laws against irresponsible dumping of toxic chemicals and wastes, and aggressive prosecution of those who violate these laws.


We oppose the siting of hazardous waste generating and disposal facilities,
including coal ash deposits, in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods and ecologically sensitive areas.  We support reasonable right-to-know laws to disclose fully the chemicals used and stored in our communities.


ANIMAL WELFARE:  We recognize that humans share the Earth with other living beings who share with us the experience of pain and pleasure.  We appreciate the joy, companionship and other benefits that our companion animals provide and believe it is our moral responsibility to treat these animals humanely and prevent their suffering.  To that end, we are committed to the accomplishment of the following goals through appropriate legislation and regulatory action: providing for the basic welfare of all animals, reducing cat
and dog overpopulation and optimizing animal control and sheltering.


We insist on transparency in the treatment of animals in agribusiness.

"...we urge cooperation in the private and public sectors to seek and develop alternative sources of energy."