Efficient and Ethical Government


We believe that the mission of government is to expand opportunity - not bureaucracy - for our culturally and ethnically diverse population.  Democrats have demonstrated that government can be both responsive and responsible.


We support continuing efforts to make State government more efficient.


We demand that our leaders have the highest ethical standards in theory and practice as well as providing public services to all citizens in a non-discriminatory fashion.

GOVERNMENT OFFICES AND EMPLOYMENT:  We have a strong commitment to our government employees. We believe these professionals deserve fair wages and benefits comparable to those in the private sector.  

We support annual pay raises within the limits of fiscal responsibility.  Annual pay increases will retain the best and brightest employees in government.  We further support efforts to increase the numbers of qualified women and minorities in all levels of government where they are under-represented.  


We oppose any discrimination based on race, gender, gender identity, gender expression, ethnicity, religion, veteran status, national origin, disability, age or sexual orientation in the hiring, firing or promotion of public employees.  The purpose of the public retirement system is to help provide economic security in
retirement.  We support maintaining our sound and fiscally responsible, defined-benefit retirement system for all public employees.

LOCAL GOVERNMENT: The North Carolina General Assembly has involved itself in local issues to the point of overreach, such as the seizure of Asheville’s water system, the seizure of Charlotte Douglas International Airport, and changing the structure and method of election of local governing bodies.

We support the concept of home rule for counties and municipalities to develop
ordinances and policies related to employment, employee compensation, and housing, so that they may adequately address the issues facing their communities.  We further believe the General Assembly should respect local governments, their authority, and the voters who elected them by not passing punitive local bills aimed to curtail the power of local governments.


OPEN GOVERNMENT:  The workings and activities of government are engaged upon on behalf of the citizens of North Carolina, and we believe that the people are entitled to observe these affairs as openly and easily as is possible.

RECORDS ACCESSIBILITY: We believe that State government must be accountable to the people of this great State through transparency in how government business is transacted and the releasing of information in a timely manner. We firmly believe that personal information maintained by North Carolina government must remain secure and confidential.

AMERICAN TERRITORIES:  Puerto Ricans have been American Citizens since the passage of the Jones-Shafroth Act of 1917.  Since that time the people of Puerto Rico have contributed to cultural, economic, and political life in the United States.  However, the debt crisis in Puerto Rico is such that it is affecting its social fabric nearing a humanitarian crisis due to vital services like education
and medical care going unmet.  


The political status of the colony remains an issue of overwhelming importance that must be resolved.  Congressional inaction has held the island back on this and other issues.  As such, we urge Congress to amend the Bankruptcy Amendment and Federal Judgeship Act of 1984, and allow Puerto Rico, and all United States territories, to restructure its debts under Chapter 9.  We call for the repeal of Section 27 of The Merchant Marine Act of 1920, also known as the Jones Act of 1920, which makes it so that only American ships can carry goods between the island and mainland thereby raising consumer prices, stagnating economic development, and keeps the cost of oil and natural gas high.  We ask Congress to pass legislation to allow for equal treatment relating to healthcare and other federal programs.

We insist that Congress pass legislation authorizing the people of Puerto Rico to decide its status and relationship to the United States.

"The workings and activities of government are engaged upon on behalf of the citizens of North Carolina, and we believe that the people are entitled to observe these affairs as openly and easily as is possible."