Economic and Community Development


The health of our State and of our nation depends on sustainable balanced growth. We believe that economic growth expands opportunity for everyone. The free market, regulated in the public interest, is the best engine of general prosperity. The federal  2016 North Carolina Democratic Party Platform [4]
government must balance the budget, pay the national debt to generate economic growth, and make prosperity achievable for all.

We also recognize that excellence in public education - including public schools, community colleges and universities - is the cornerstone of a successful economic development effort.

GLOBAL ECONOMY:  We support trade practices and economic policies that enable our workers and the businesses that employ them to compete effectively and fairly in the world market, without injury by our own federal trade policies.

HELPING OUR WORKFORCE:  Democrats believe in protecting our State’s workforce and encouraging assistance for workers, job creation, new investment in areas most severely affected by economic decline, and leveling the trade playing field for North Carolina industries.

INDUSTRIAL RECRUITMENT:  We believe North Carolina must continue to attract and foster both new and traditional industries while encouraging growth from within the State.  We support continued efforts to provide a skilled and educated workforce, a solid infrastructure, a competitive business climate, and a quality of life that attracts and creates good new jobs to provide a higher
standard of living for all North Carolinians – especially in our low wealth
communities. We believe in a balanced approach to offering incentives to grow local businesses and to attract new business.  We believe that economic incentives should result in a real net benefit for North Carolina citizens.


NATURAL RESOURCES:  We recognize that the wise stewardship of our natural resources is essential for our continued economic growth.  For example, tourism, one of the State's largest growing industries, depends upon the presence of clean and maintained beaches, unspoiled forests, and clean rivers and lakes.

SMALL AND LOCAL BUSINESS:  We believe innovation and risk taking
in the pursuit of excellence should be rewarded.  We believe that small and local business development in North Carolina is the best use of tax breaks and other support programs because they are the backbone of our economy.

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