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leadership back to Raleigh and Washington!

Your one-time, or affordable ongoing contributions, will be used to support candidates and campaigns that are focused on helping working families and invigorating the economy – right here at home in Cabarrus County.

Where does my money go?

We appreciate your support!  We also know that you don't want your hard-earned money wasted.


Officers aren't paid for their work for the Party. We're also focused on reducing overhead, wherever possible.

We will use your contribution to help pay for hosting this website, in the creation of materials for campaigns, the organization of events around the county, and recruiting and supporting Democratic Party candidates.

How much is really getting to the Cabarrus County Democratic Party?

Aside from a 3.95% processing fee, every dime of your contribution goes to the Cabarrus County Democratic Party!  That's less than $.40 for every $10 we raise!  ActBlue drives more of your money into our projects and campaigns than any other method we've found.  Contribute with confidence!!

Why is ActBlue asking for a tip?!

iActBlue, an independent company not affiliated with the Democratic Party, is funded by small donations from people like you!  We recommend making a small donation to ActBlue when you contribute.


They only collect such donations once, even if you're making an ongoing monthly donation to Cabarrus Democrats.

Is ActBlue Secure?

The site is Payment Card Industry ("PCI") compliant. Look for the green ribbon in the upper corner of the donation page to confirm that the security certificate is active.

I don't want a bunch of emails!

ActBlue won't subscribe you to other campaigns or send you solicitations for that purpose. We receive your information from ActBlue for political reporting compliance reasons.  Otherwise, your information is not shared with others!

Can I choose to make recurring contributions?

Absolutely!  Your ongoing contribution helps us meet our budgetary goals.  Knowing we can count on your affordable monthly donation gives us more power to put our plans into ACTION!

Why do I need to tell ActBlue where I work?

When fundraising for political purposes, the name of an employer is required for compliance reasons.

Can students and retirees contribute?

Sure!  Under the employment field, simply enter "Student" or "Retired."  

Is this tax deductible?

No.  Contributions to political candidates, campaigns or parties aren't deductible.

I still have questions...

Visit ActBlue to learn how more about how they help support the Cabarrus County Democratic Party, make changes to your ongoing contributions and more!


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