Consumer Protection


The North Carolina Democratic Party urges government agencies to continue their efforts to protect consumers and to promote confidence in a fair marketplace that is free from price fixing, price gouging, unfair restraints of trade, deception, fraud, and other abuses that undermine free enterprise system.

INSURANCE RATES: We oppose discrimination in either rates or access with regards to all forms of insurance.  We stand for the guarantees that affordable insurance will be widely available, while respecting claimants' rights to fair compensation for injury and loss.

LENDING: We encourage banks, savings and loans, and other financial service institutions to maintain high quality service at a reasonable cost for all consumers. We oppose predatory lending practices.

PRE-EMPTION: We support State efforts to fight against any federal pre-emption laws enacted to protect North Carolina consumers.

SECURITIES REGULATION: We believe North Carolinians should be able to have confidence in the safety of their securities investments.  The investing public should be protected from securities fraud. Democrats believe in fair business practices with full and honest public disclosure for stockholders, enforced by government regulations.

UTILITY RATES: We support essential utilities being available at reasonable rates and believe that members of the State Utilities Commission should represent the ratepayers of our State, rather than the utility companies.

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