Agriculture and Aquaculture


Farming is important to all North Carolinians, and we respect the contributions made by farmers and agribusiness to our economy and our way of life.


A sound farm economy supports rural economic development, provides thousands of jobs on and off the farm, and provides food for all of us. We support efforts that will aid our farmers in adjusting to social, economic and environmental challenges in a manner that allows them increasing efficiency,
productivity, and profitability.

Growing, harvesting, selling, processing and transporting agricultural goods and products have been a way of life for North Carolinians for generations.  We pledge our support for increased agricultural research and education, and expanded government efforts to develop regional, statewide, and international markets for our farm products.


We also support environmentally safe and economically viable means of animal waste disposal and encourage cooperation to prevent the conversion of prime farmland to non-farming uses.

We believe the values of the small family farm are what make North Carolina great.  North Carolinians have also relied on our state's abundant waters as a means of livelihood for generations.


Realizing the economic and cultural impact, which this industry has, we will strive to preserve and promote the jobs, which aquaculture and maritime businesses provide to the citizens of our state.

Midland North Carolina Farm
"We pledge our support for increased agricultural research and education."